Johnson Creek Hardwoods is a small sawmill, so we usually have hundreds rather than thousands of board feet of inventory in most species. All lumber is first carefully air dried, then kiln dried to between 6 – 8% emc, surface planed, and finally trimmed of most knots, wane, or splits. 4/4 is surfaced to 7/8" and 8/4 is surfaced to 1¾." 10' is generally the longest lumber we carry.

We specialize in beautiful figured wood, book-matched boards, and natural edged slabs and pairs. Often, if the figure or color is significant, lumber from the same tree is marked and kept together. If a customer's timeframe allows, we can custom saw to specific dimensions for a particular job.

We do not select lumber for our clients. Woodworkers are encouraged to spend as much time as necessary going through our stacks to find the best color or figure match, or the most efficient dimensions for their projects. Those who take the time to treasure hunt are often rewarded. Payment is by cash or check only.

Most of our lumber is too long for UPS or FedEx, and our mill is not accessible to large trucks. Consequently, preparing lumber for shipping incurs additional charges.

A tree is our most intimate contact with nature.
— George Nakashima, Woodworker